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Investing in New Windows – Florida

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The decision to Invest in New Windows is not a fond one. You ask yourself several questions. Do you have to buy new windows or do you want to buy new windows? Will you be living in the property or is it a rental investment property? Will you finance the cost or will you pay for it all cash?


The Back Story

After buying a new place to live in Florida we quickly realized that the entire place has never been updated since it was constructed more than 30 years ago. Finding real estate property during this time was extremely hard due to low inventory so we desperately needed a place to move in to. After finding a home in a great location that needed a lot of TLC we budgeted for a new kitchen, new bathroom and new LED recess lights throughout the entire home. We never thought that new windows was going to be a necessity. It was only after one my kids broke the paper thin living room window that we realized new quality windows was going to be imperative for safety purposes. Little did we know it provided more than safety.

The Process to Begin to Buy New Windows

First we began by doing research on windows so we would have some knowledge when we approach window vendors.  The type of window style we have are double hung windows so we stayed with that style. Specific windows that are needed in Florida are Hurricane impact windows. If the structure is located in a hurricane-prone area, impact windows are the best option to ensure safety and protection. We googled and read different blogs about impact windows. Then we started to look into the different types of Hurricane impact windows that are on the market for South Florida and also the different manufacturers. We had a budget for this property so we didn’t need the most expensive windows but also didn’t want the cheapest windows. One brand that kept coming on the radar as good windows was the brand CGI.

Looking for a Window Company to Order and Install the New Windows. 

With some new found knowledge, the next step was to look for a window company to order and install the new windows. I was hoping to work with a company that works in the area. I did a google search for window company’s to see which ones are around. My research narrowed it down to a company that I saw had good reviews online and on google. They also had a nice company website. I called them and scheduled a meeting to go to their offices.  I was able to meet at the offices and take a look at different windows they had in stock so I would have an idea of how the windows would look.

Choosing the Right Windows

We were presented with several different brands of windows. I decided the best quality investment for this property would be the CGI Sentinel Collection. It was not the most expensive nor was it the cheapest. It is known as having Exceptional quality, craftsmanship, energy efficiency and durability at an affordable price. Custom manufactured to enhance the aesthetics of any home. Now that we were satisfied with the window company to choose and the right window brand, we were ready to move forward and sign an agreement with the window company.

Signing Window Installation Agreement and Payments

We signed an agreement and it involved several phases of the window installation process and payments for the cost of everything together. The total cost for the job was $10,782 and included material and labor. We received 7 single hung aluminum windows which consisted of two for the bathroom, two for the living room and 3 for a bedroom. Phase 1 was to make an initial down payment which would allow the window installation company to order out customized new windows. Once they place the order then it takes several months for the manufacturer to make the window. The company also begins the process to get permits from the town for the construction. Phase 2 was when your custom windows arrive from the manufacturer and the window installation company arrives to your home to install the windows. The window installers plan is to have all the windows installed that day. At this phase the 2nd payment is made to them. The final phase of the project was when the town inspector comes to the home to inspect proper installation of the windows by the window installers. Once you receive the approval from the inspector then you provide final payment to the window installation company. I felt very happy and comfortable with this whole process because you hear many stories of contractors taking all your money and disappearing with it. The process with this company allowed you to see the progress and process of getting windows custom made and finally installed without having to pay the entire cost of the project upfront.

Prepare from some Unexpected

We ran into a major roadblock with one of the windows. When they began to take this one window off, they found that the wood underneath was rotten from previous water leakage. We had to determine if it was only the frame of the window or the entire wall where the one window sits. Initially my heart dropped because I know this can be a major additional cost and project to get fixed. After further investigation they were able to determine that the issue was isolated only to the window frame for the window. That was a major relief but still added an additional unexpected cost of $2300.

The Final Outcome

Soon after the windows were installed, you can tell right away the difference. I could no longer hear the cars on the main road next to my home. This allowed us to sleep better with less noise from the outside interfering with our sleep. The windows also had a special coating with a some glare to deflect from the Sun’s rays, allowing us to conserve energy inside the home from using so much air conditioning. The new seals around the windows also allowed for great energy efficiency. The added security from hurricane impact windows is a great peace of mind as well when compared to having old cheap windows. Overall the final product and the professionalism from the company we chose to work with was great! I would rate this a A+ experience. I believe with the proper research you too can have a great outcome and experience. Good Luck!



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